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Canopies Butterfly Prawn with spicy dip Assorted Cocktail Patties Main Course Spicy Roast Chicken Baked Salmon Served in Creole sauce Roast Lamb Served with spicy sauce Seasoned Rice Roast Potato Steamed Vegetables Vegetarian Chefs Special Dessert Assorted Gateaux Fresh Fruit Salad


Starters Melon Served with fresh strawberry Main Course Chicken Fricasse Filleted Snapper Served in Creole sauce Vegetarian Chef Special Rice & Peas Assorted Caribbean Vegetables Dessert Fruit Flan & Vanilla Ice Cream


Canopies Ackee & Saltfish Vol-U-Vant Lamb Kebab Main Course Jerk Chicken Filleted Snapper Served in Creole sauce Rice & Peas Steamed Vegetables Vegetarian Chefs Special Dessert Pineapple Pie with ice cream or cream


Starter Spiced King Prawns with mango salad Or Melon with a dash ginger Main Stuffed Chicken Breast with Callaloo Baked Fillet Snapper served with Creole Sauce Red Pepper Stew Beef (Nigerian Dish) Rice & Peas Jollof Rice (Nigerian Dish) Assorted Vegetables Roasted new potatoes with fresh herbs Fried Plantain Dessert Assorted Cheesecake


Canopies Cod Fish Fritters Assorted Cocktail Patties Sweet Potato Scones Main Jerk Chicken Spicy Roast Lamb in spicy sauce Baked Salmon stuffed with callaloo and cous cous Rice and Peas Roast Potato in mixed herbs Assorted Vegetable Dessert Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice cream Or Chocolate & Strawberry Gateaux

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