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STARTER Prawn Cocktail With leaf Salad & Tangy Dressing MAIN COURSE Peppered Steak Served with Spicey Sauce Salmon Steak With Tomato & Basil Sauce Chicken Kiev Stuffed with herb butter Seasoned Rice Stuffed Pepper With Wild Rice Assorted Salad DESSERT Tropical Fruit Salad With Fresh Cream


STARTER Avocado & Prawn Cocktail MAIN COURSE Supreme of Chicken Served with Boque tagarni & Read wine sauce Baked Salmon in Creole Sauce Vegetarian Vegetables Lasagne Rice & Peas Plain Rice Caribbean Mixed Vegetables Vegetarian Chef Special DESSERT Fresh Fruit Salad with fresh cream Or Ice Cream


STARTER Butterfly Prawns MAIN COURSE Stuffed Chicken Breast With Callaloo Baked Snapper Served with Creole Sauce Rice n Peas Assorted Vegetable Christophine Chow Mein Sauted with Fresh Vegetables DESSERT Assorted Geataux


STARTER Melon with Fresh Fruits eg. Strawberries, grapes Bread Rolls MAIN COURSE Spicy Roast Lamb Served with Red Wine Chicken fricassee Tenderly simmered in Carrots Cho-Cho & Tomatos Baked Snapper Served with Creole Sauce Macaroni Cheese Melongere with Wild Rice Rice & Peas Roast Potatos Mixed Green Salad DESSERT Apple Crumble with Custard Assorted Gateaux


STARTER Prawn Cocktail With leaf Salad & Salad Dressing MAIN COURSE Jerk Baby Poisson Spicy Roast Lamb Salmon Stuffed with Cous-Cous and Callaloo Stuffed Peppers With Wild Rice Vegetable Risotto Rice & Peas or Seasoned Rice Roast Potatos In mixed Herbs Plantain Mixed Green Salad Potato Salad Pasta Salad DESSERT Sweet Potato Pudding With ice-cream Tropical Fruit Surprise Served with Ice-cream Chocolate Panachè Please note: Only one dessert can be chosen with this menu


STARTER Spiced Prawns with Mango Salad MAIN COURSE Roast Lamb With Herbs & Pine nut Crust Fillet of Fish Served in Creole Sauce New Potatoes Toss in Herbs Rice n Peas Seasonal Vegetables DESSERT Tropical Cramel Cream


STARTER Avocado & Saltfish Salad Or Butterfly Prawns With Toss Salad & Dip MAIN COURSE Baked Filleted Salmon Roast Lamb with Rosemarie & garlic Vegetarian Chef Special Seasoned Rice Roast Potato Assorted Vegetables DESSERT Fresh Fruit Flan Tropical Fruit Salad

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